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Date Song Artists Request?
Just like heaven (video) The Cure No
Everybody wants to rule the world (video) Tears for Fears Yes
Don't change (video) INXS Yes
White wedding (video) Billy Idol No
Pop goes the world (video) Men Without Hats Yes
Major Tom (video) Peter Schilling No
Transmission (video) Joy Division No
Temple of love Sisters of Mercy No
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan Yes
Volatile times (video) IAMX No
Berlin Aesthetische No
The dark inside her eyes Llumen No
10/12/2019 Suffocating right Neuroticfish No
Avalost (Vocal version) Seabound No
Only law Inertia No
Timephase Noir No
Fallen Men Liquid Divine No
Only better (Alien6 mix) Mesh No
Come together Informatik No
Split second (Undertow) Edge of Dawn No
Spark Assemblage 23 No
Dinner without grace '98 De/Vision No
Bleed Bow Ever Down No
Functional (Hi-watt mix) Imperative Reaction No
Hate this Grendel No
Fuck borders Alien Vampires No
All pain is gone (Rapid Ascent Mix by VNV Nation) Combichrist No
Hellraiser (Agonoize remix) Suicide Commando No
Love as blood Icon of Coil No
Bloodgame Xperiment Yes
Destroy the day God Module No
Stormchaser (Avarice in Audio mix) Entrzelle No
Shiver (AESTHETISCHE cold mix) Star Industry No
Tears (Apop mix) The Cruxshadows Yes
Carry you VNV Nation No
We stand alone Covenant No
She cried (video) Beborn Beton No
Strangelove (video) Depeche Mode No
In between days (video) The Cure No
The Puppet (live)(video) Echo and the Bunnymen No
Shellshock (video) New Order No
Just another day (video) Oingo Boingo Yes
Yin and Yang the flower pot man (video) Love and Rockets No
There's only one Tones on Tail No
Hand in glove The Smiths No
Lucretia my reflection Sisters of Mercy No
So what Ministry No
Illisit (video) Skinny Puppy No
The hand that feeds (video) Nine Inch Nails No
I'm afraid of Americans (video) David Bowie No
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan No
Stardust (video) IAMX No
Deadzone Ladytron No
Black lambo (lyric video) Lazerpunk No
The sky is blue the sky is black Juno Reactor No
Dark and long (Dark train mix) Underworld No
This boy's in love (video) The Presets No
Come closer (video) Boy Harsher No
Kill v Maim (video) Grimes No
The Creeps (video) Camille Jones vs Fedde le Grand Yes
Satisfaction (Ext. XXX) (video) Benny Benassi No
Next order (video) Dog Blood No
Toulouse (video) Nicky Romero No
Derezzed (Avicii remix) Daft Punk No
Busy child The Crystal Method No
Absurd Fluke Yes
Silence Delirium No
All night long (video) Peter Murphy No
I feel loved (video) Depeche Mode No
Sojourner Liquid Divine No
Rain (video) Project Pitchfork No
Loneliness (video) Clan of Xymox No
I close my eyes Covenant No
Kathy's Song (come lie next to me) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Stupid girl Garbage No
All mine (video) Portishead No
The thief of your heart Sinead O'Connor No
My Immortal (video) Evanescence Yes
American dreaming Dead Can Dance No
Need you now Cut Copy No
Walking in my shoes (video) Depeche Mode No
Never tear us apart (video) INXS No
10/5/2019 Architecture and Morality OMD No
Leave in silence Depeche Mode No
Are friends electric? Gary Numan No
Transfer affection A Flock of Seagulls No
Paradise New Order No
Change Tears for Fears No
Disintegration The Cure No
The killing jar (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees Yes
Lucky number (video) Lena Lovich No
More (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Desdemona Clan of Xymox No
Haunted when the minutes drag Love and Rockets No
She's lost control Joy Division No
Ziggy Stardust (video) Bauhaus No
Get the balance right (video) Depeche Mode No
Don't go (video) Yaz No
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