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Date Song Artists Request?
Grey metal wings The Frozen Autumn No
Diamond cutter (Dead red Velvet remix) Double Eyelid No
Murder fantasies Chrom No
Like a drug Helix No
You've changed Ladytron No
A tear in every moment Midnight Resistance No
Could've had it all (Daybehavior remix) Provision No
Dead end Zynic No
Pleasure under god's name Les Anges De La Nuit No
Border (club edit) Pride and Fall No
The Farthest Star VNV Nation No
Was immer Beborn Beton No
Stand the pain And One No
Into my arms (video) Deine Lakaien No
Save our souls (video) Blutengel No
Tiefer (video) In Strict Confidence No
No boys allowed (video) Aesthetic Perfection No
Looking for strange KMFDM No
First in/First out Front 242 No
As the end draws near (video) Manufacture No
Dr. Mabuse (video V2) Propaganda No
Personal Jesus (video) Depeche Mode No
Just like heaven (video) The Cure No
Heaven The Psychedelic Furs No
How soon is now? The Smiths No
Love will tear us apart (video) Joy Division No
Tear you apart (video) She wants revenge Yes
Destroy everything you touch (video) Ladytron Yes
Le Disko (video) Shiny Toy Guns No
Complete system failure (video) Hypofixx No
This is the new shit (video) Marilyn Manson No
Engel Rammstein Yes
Dig it Skinny Puppy No
Only (video) Nine Inch Nails No
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan Yes
Oh cruel darkness embrace me (video) IAMX No
In between days (video) The Cure No
Temple of love Sisters of Mercy No
Blue Monday (video) Orgy No
Frozen (vs Blue Stahl) (video) Celldweller No
Surface (video) Imperative Reaction No
Born to lie (video) Mesh No
Glow (video) Ashbury Heights Yes
Take me out (video) Franz Ferdinand No
Chrissy E Trust Yes
Get confused Fischerspooner No
I go hard, I go home The Presets No
Cowgirl Underworld No
Days of swine and roses My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult No
So what Ministry No
Until the end of the world (video) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Taste of Euphoria Anders Manga No
Katarsis (video) She Past Away No
Empty room (video) Ash Code No
The source (video) Void Vision No
6 in the morning (video) Client No
Love is a stranger (video) Eurythmics No
The more you live the more you love (video) A Flock of Seagulls No
Slave to love (video) Brian Ferry No
Eyes without a face (video) Billy Idol No
Mystify (video) INXS No
I feel loved (video) Depeche Mode No
Thorns Wumpscut No
Swandive This Ascension No
Birds of passage Bel Canto No
Innocente Delerium No
6/23/2019 Kiss (video) London After Midnight No
Carpe Diem (video) Bigod 20 No
Standing VNV Nation No
Kathy's Song (come lie next to me) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Find you're gone Wolfsheim No
Madness (video) Muse No
Come undone (video) Duran Duran No
Monarch (video) Delerium No
Don't fade away (live video) Dead Can Dance No
Red rain Peter Gabriel No
Feel so different Sinead O'Connor No
6/22/2019 Cardiac arrest Zynic No
Throwing stones Empathy Test No
Before this world ends Mesh No
Situations like these Icon of Coil No
Wayseer (extended) Iris No
Armour VNV Nation No
Lost Alone Mind in a box No
If I give my soul Covenant No
Afterglow Assemblage 23 No
Renegades Mental Exile No
Oblivion (video) Ash Code No
The source (video) Void Vision No
Deadzone Ladytron No
Berlin Aesthetische No
Circling Overland Front 242 No
I give to you Nitzer Ebb No
I wanted to tell her Ministry No
Enjoy the silence (video) Depeche Mode No
Primary (video) The Cure No
Temple of love (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Rain (video) The Cult No
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