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Date Song Artists Request?
Smack my bitch up The Prodigy Yes
Sin Nine Inch Nails No
Killing in the name Rage Against the Machine No
Megalomaniac KMFDM No
Headhunter (video) Front 242 No
Murderous (video) Nitzer Ebb No
Infected (video) The The No
Army of me (video) Bjork Yes
Age of consent New Order Yes
West end girls (video) Pet Shop Boys No
Let me go (video) Heaven 17 No
The voice Ultravox No
Timelessness (video) Mind in a box No
Diamond Jigsaw Underworld No
Insomnia Faithless No
Silence (dance mix) Delerium No
Voyager 304 Juno Reactor No
Lovesong The Cure Yes
Like a prayer (video) Madonna Yes
Principles of lust (video) Enigma No
Cry little sister Gerrard McMann Yes
10/31/2019 Tower of strength Mission UK No
Black Planet (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Bloodflowers The Cure No
Clown (video) Switchblade Symphony No
Euphoria (firefly) (video) Delerium No
This love (video) Daniel Ash No
I feel you (video) Depeche Mode No
Hearts filthy lesson (video) David Bowie No
Only (video) Nine Inch Nails No
Until death (us do part) Front 242 No
I give to you (video) Nitzer Ebb No
Smothered hope Skinny Puppy No
Love like blood (video) Killing Joke No
Nemesis (video) Shriekback No
Dead man's party (video) Oingo Boingo No
This is Halloween (video) Broken Peach No
Dragula (video) Rob Zombie No
Du hast (video) Rammstein No
Everyday is Halloween Ministry No
This corrosion (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Cities in dust (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
Haunted when the minutes drag Love and Rockets No
Halloween 2019 Silver Crash No
As the rush comes Motorcycle No
Dark and long (Dark train mix) Underworld No
Pistolero Juno Reactor No
Personal Jesus (video) Depeche Mode No
True Faith (video) New Order No
Devil inside (video) INXS No
Dancing with myself (video) Billy Idol No
She sells sanctuary (video) The Cult No
Reptile (video) The Church No
Lullaby (video) The Cure No
Cry little sister Gerrard McMann No
Trip like I do - with Filter (video) The Crystal Method No
Thorns (video) Wumpscut No
Shimmering, warm and bright Bel Canto No
Duende (video) Delerium No
Save our souls (video) Blutengel No
Born to lie (video) Mesh No
Megalomaniac KMFDM No
Sex on wheelz My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult No
Bloodletting Concrete Blonde No
Burn (crow video) The Cure No
Hideaway (video) Kiesza No
Bugatti (video) Tiga No
Dare to live (SR version) rotersand No
1999 Prince No
Kathy's Song (come lie next to me) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Home (video) Depeche Mode No
10/26/2019 If I know you The Presets No
Meet me in the house of love Cut Copy No
Tomorrow Ladytron No
North star (Mr. Kitty mix) IAMX No
Painkillers (Gimme my dope RMX) The Dreaming No
Slaves of pleasure Ien Oblique No
Time after midnight Boytronic No
Oblivion (video) Ash Code No
Sanri (video) She Past Away No
Bridge The Rope No
Grey metal wings The Frozen Autumn No
Emily (Contrast remix) Clan of Xymox No
Prayers for rain The Cure No
A pain that I'm used to Depeche Mode No
Flood II Sisters of Mercy No
Slowdive Siouxsie and the Banshees No
Deep velvet Chris & Cosey No
OK this is the pops Tones on Tail No
The perfect kiss (video) New Order No
Love will tear us apart (video) Joy Division No
Tear you apart (video) She wants revenge No
Obsession Inner Party System No
Better than love Hurts No
When is the future (video) VNV Nation No
The noise inside my head Assemblage 23 No
Shelter Icon of Coil No
Get your body beat Combichrist Yes
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