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Date Song Artists Request?
Euphoria (firefly) (video) Delerium Yes
Shimmering, warm and bright Bel Canto Yes
Ugly boy (video) Die Antwoord No
Pistolero (Fluke Hang em high mix) Juno Reactor No
Scribble Underworld No
Not in love (ft Robert Smith) Crystal Castles No
Dead in this house IAMX No
Marble house (video) The Knife Yes
Dancing barefoot Xymox (Clan of) No
It's no good Depeche Mode No
Bloodletting Concrete Blonde No
Cry little sister (Lost Boys video) Gerrard McMann No
Swamp Thing Chameleons UK Yes
Lovesong (video) The Cure No
Lights & Music (video) Cut Copy No
Sweet Disposition (video) The Temper Trap No
Emerge (video) Fischerspooner No
Who's your daddy? (video) Benny Benassi No
Spin spin sugar (video) Sneaker Pimps No
Big time sensuality (video) Bjork Yes
The emperor's new clothes (video) Sinead O'Connor No
More than this (video) Roxy Music No
Vienna (video) Ultravox No
Good thing The Woodentops No
Sometimes James No
Here's where the story ends The Sundays No
Dig for fire The Pixies No
Ana NG (video) They Might Be Giants No
I would die for you Prince No
Father figure (video) George Michael No
Erotica (video) Madonna No
Mea culpa (video) Enigma No
Home Depeche Mode No
Wrapped around your finger The Police No
Mercy street Peter Gabriel No
4/27/2019 Situations like these Icon of Coil No
Savior James D Stark No
Wundervoll Wolfsheim No
Over and done (video) Deine Lakaien No
Get you closer (video) And One No
Alone in your dance Ash Code No
Share Boytronic No
Belirdi Gece (Musallat) She Past Away No
Written in blood (video) She wants revenge No
Dark allies Light Asylum No
Headless (video) Tearist No
Neon dominion (video) Sirus No
State of perfection (Titans remix) Biomekkanik No
Skyscrapers - Industrial mix (video) Brioni Faith No
Radioakktivity (video) C-Lekktor No
Swimmers can drown (video) I:Scintilla Yes
Surface (video) Imperative Reaction No
Leaving Earth (video) Code 64 No
Eclipse Apoptygma Berzerk No
One world one sky Covenant No
The Farthest Star VNV Nation No
She cried (video) Beborn Beton No
Personal Jesus (video) Depeche Mode No
Lips like sugar (video) Echo and the Bunnymen No
The queen is dead (video) The Smiths No
Dominion / Mother Russia (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Juke joint Jezebel (video) KMFDM Yes
Take control Lords of Acid No
Move any mountain The Shamen No
Cowgirl Underworld No
Voyager 304 Juno Reactor No
The last one standing Ladytron No
Sulk Trust No
Stardust (video) IAMX No
Train (video) Goldfrapp Yes
Train (video) Goldfrapp Yes
Poison lips (video) Vitalic Yes
Heads will roll (video) Yeah yeah yeahs No
Baptism Crystal Castles Yes
Around the world (video) Daft Punk Yes
Busy child The Crystal Method No
Never enough (video) Aesthetic Perfection No
When is the future (video) VNV Nation No
December Assemblage 23 No
Civilization Angels and Agony No
The Portal Cryo No
Timelessness (video) Mind in a box No
Robots don't lie (video) THYX No
Pink thoughts Moving Units No
She loves me, she loves me not She wants revenge No
It's no good Depeche Mode Yes
Just like heaven (video) The Cure Yes
True Faith (video) New Order No
Shout (video) Tears for Fears No
Ringfinger Nine Inch Nails No
I wanted to tell her Ministry No
Ready to go Republica No
Tear you apart She wants revenge Yes
Heaven The Psychedelic Furs Yes
Love will tear us apart (video) Joy Division No
So in love (video) OMD No
Eyes without a face (video) Billy Idol No
The reflex (video) Duran Duran No
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