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Date Song Artists Request?
Whisper to a scream (birds fly) (video) Icicle Works No
Indigo eyes Peter Murphy No
In a flat field Bauhaus No
Transmission (video) Joy Division No
Tear you apart (video) She wants revenge No
Destroy everything you touch (video) Ladytron No
Le Disko (video) Shiny Toy Guns No
Twist (video) Goldfrapp No
Uprising (video) Muse No
Blue Monday (video) Orgy No
Breathe (video) The Prodigy No
Beautiful people (video) Marilyn Manson No
Du hast (video) Rammstein No
Stigmata (video) Ministry No
Wish (video) Nine Inch Nails No
Complete system failure (video) Hypofixx No
My device (video) Ayria Yes
Chrome VNV Nation No
Eclipse Apoptygma Berzerk No
She cried (video) Beborn Beton No
Timelessness (video) Mind in a box No
Military Fashion Show And One No
They're coming to take me away Neuroticfish No
Anarchy KMFDM No
Welcome to paradise Front 242 No
Join in the chant Nitzer Ebb Yes
Land of the free Die Warzau No
Biting my nails Renegade Soundwave No
Def.Con.One. Pop Will Eat Itself No
Move any mountain The Shamen No
Pistolero (Juno Reactor mix) Juno Reactor No
Dark and long (Dark train mix) Underworld No
Cuts you up (video) Peter Murphy Yes
Barrel of a gun (video) Depeche Mode No
Burn (crow video) The Cure No
Alive and kicking (video) Simple Minds No
Flesh for fantasy (video) Billy Idol No
Shout (video) Tears for Fears No
The killing moon (video) Echo and the Bunnymen No
Reptile (video) The Church No
Infected (video) The The No
Come undone (video) Duran Duran No
Never tear us apart (video) INXS No
Love is a stranger (video) Eurythmics No
Swamp Thing Chameleons UK No
Monarch (video) Delerium No
Do you believe in angels? The Last Dance No
A shoulder to the wheel Bel Canto No
Severance Dead Can Dance No
King of pain The Police No
Mercy street Peter Gabriel No
7/20/2019 Anywhere The Presets No
All we are Fischerspooner No
Bendy bass VCMG No
Oich oich Underworld No
Absurd Fluke No
Mass Destruction (video) Faithless No
Useless (video) Depeche Mode No
Restless (video) New Order No
Elegantly wasted (video) INXS No
The passenger (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees Yes
Lucretia my reflection (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Lovesong (video) The Cure No
Once in a lifetime (extended) Wolfsheim No
Your hands on my skin De/Vision No
When is the future (video) VNV Nation No
No man's land Covenant No
Open window Noisuf-X Yes
Doppleganger God Module No
The dark half (video) Aesthetic Perfection Yes
Perfect Drug (Video) Nine Inch Nails Yes
N.W.O.(video) Ministry No
Born to lie (video) Mesh No
Until the end of the world (video) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Leaving Earth (video) Code 64 No
Vampire Studio-X No
Blood is pumping Voodoo and Serano No
O'fortuna Apotheosis No
Megalomaniac KMFDM Yes
After the flesh My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult No
Glowstix neon and blood Incubite No
Blood for blood Lord of the lost Yes
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan Yes
Tainted love (video) Marilyn Manson Yes
Do ya think I'm sexy? (video) Revolting Cocks Yes
Tear you apart (video) She wants revenge Yes
Destroy everything you touch (video) Ladytron Yes
Blue Monday (video) Orgy No
Headhunter (video) Front 242 Yes
This corrosion (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Nemesis (video) Shriekback No
Devil inside (video) INXS No
Everybody wants to rule the world (video) Tears for Fears No
In a big country (video) Big Country No
Whisper to a scream (birds fly) (video) Icicle Works No
The queen is dead (video) The Smiths Yes
Walking in my shoes (video) Depeche Mode No
Prayers for rain The Cure No
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