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Date Song Artists Request?
In between days (video) The Cure Yes
What difference does it make? (video) The Smiths No
Don't change (video) INXS No
Just another day (video) Oingo Boingo Yes
Space age lovesong (video) A Flock of Seagulls No
Too much information (video) Duran Duran Yes
She sells sanctuary (video) The Cult No
Sin Nine Inch Nails No
Smothered hope Skinny Puppy No
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan Yes
Ghosts of Utopia (video) IAMX Yes
I believe (Babymax remix) Beborn Beton No
Eclipse Apoptygma Berzerk No
Never enough (video) Aesthetic Perfection Yes
Save our souls (video) Blutengel No
Glow (video) Ashbury Heights Yes
Deadzone Ladytron No
Hunter (video) Future Perfect No
Poison lips (video) Vitalic No
The source (video) Void Vision No
Oblivion (video) Ash Code No
When is the future (video) VNV Nation Yes
Disappoint Assemblage 23 No
Lightbringer Covenant No
Should be higher Depeche Mode No
The one to love you (video) Howard Jones No
White noise (video) Disclosure Yes
Silent shout (video) The Knife No
Summer Bel Canto No
Cities in dust (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
Cuts you up (video) Peter Murphy No
Everybody wants to rule the world (video) Tears for Fears No
Burn The Cure No
Into the void (video) Nine Inch Nails No
Hearts filthy lesson (video) David Bowie No
So what Ministry No
Megalomaniac KMFDM No
Join in the chant Nitzer Ebb No
Headhunter (video) Front 242 No
Obsession (video) Xymox (Clan of) No
It's over now (video) Cause and Effect No
Bring on the dancing horses Echo and the Bunnymen No
So in love (video) OMD No
Not enough time (video) INXS No
I want your sex (video) George Michael No
West end girls (video) Pet Shop Boys No
The Chauffeur (video) Duran Duran No
The hunter (video) Marnie No
Everything VNV Nation Yes
Home (video) Depeche Mode No
Clown Switchblade Symphony Yes
Wisdom Delerium No
5/4/2019 Nightmares A Flock of Seagulls No
New religion Duran Duran No
I dream myself alive A-ha No
Reap the wild wind Ultravox No
Blind hearts Xymox (Clan of) No
There's only one Tones on Tail No
It's called a heart Depeche Mode No
Suedehead (video) Morrissey No
Face to face (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
The sweetest drop Peter Murphy No
True romance (video) She wants revenge No
Ghost (video) Ladytron No
Days of swine and roses My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult No
Control I'm here Nitzer Ebb No
Welcome to paradise Front 242 No
Down in it (video) Nine Inch Nails No
N.W.O.(video) Ministry No
Dragula (video) Rob Zombie No
Protest (video) Skinny Puppy Yes
Born to lie (video) Mesh No
Genesis (Icon of Coil version) VNV Nation No
Starsign Apoptygma Berzerk No
Military Fashion Show And One No
Everything counts (video) Depeche Mode No
Primary (video) The Cure No
Whisper to a scream (birds fly) (video) Icicle Works No
Lucretia my reflection (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Devil inside (video) INXS No
White wedding (video) Billy Idol No
Rio (video) Duran Duran No
Eighties (video) Killing Joke No
I walk the line Alien Sex Fiend No
Tanz mit Laibach (video) Laibach Yes
Truppenschau (video) Feindflug No
They're coming to take me away Neuroticfish No
Non stop violence Apoptygma Berzerk Yes
Killing in the name Rage Against the Machine No
Green mind Dink Yes
Butterfly wings Machines of Loving Grace No
Land of the free Die Warzau No
Far too frail Skinny Puppy No
You suck (ft The Yeastie Girls) Consolidated Yes
Do ya think I'm sexy? (video) Revolting Cocks No
Closer (50 Cent remix) Nine Inch Nails No
Stigmata (video) Ministry No
The passenger (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
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