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Date Song Artists Request?
Deviant Code 64 No
The dark half (video) Aesthetic Perfection No
The dark inside her eyes Llumen No
Glow (video) Ashbury Heights Yes
Ghost (video) Ladytron No
It's no good Depeche Mode No
Fascination street The Cure No
Lucretia my reflection Sisters of Mercy Yes
She sells sanctuary (video) The Cult No
White wedding (video) Billy Idol No
Devil inside (video) INXS No
Crystal (video) New Order No
I don't wanna fall in love She wants revenge No
Blue Monday (video) Orgy No
Stiff Kittens Blaqk Audio Yes
I wanted to tell her Ministry Yes
Spit it out (video) IAMX Yes
Destroy everything you touch (video) Ladytron Yes
Supermassive black hole (video) Muse No
When is the future (video) VNV Nation No
Bravery Assemblage 23 No
Starsign Apoptygma Berzerk Yes
Dead stars Covenant No
After the flesh My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Yes
Hooker with a penis Tool Yes
Killing in the name Rage Against the Machine No
Firestarter (video) The Prodigy No
The return of Pistolero Juno Reactor No
Born Slippy.NUXX Underworld No
Atom bomb (video) Fluke No
Mass Destruction (video) Faithless No
Silver screen shower scene (video) Felix Da Housecat No
A new sky The Presets No
Shadows (video) Midnight Juggernauts No
Red skies The Fixx No
Head over heels (video) Tears for Fears Yes
Under pressure (with David Bowie) Queen No
The killing moon (video) Echo and the Bunnymen No
In your room (video) Depeche Mode No
Come undone (video) Duran Duran No
Love is a stranger (video) Eurythmics No
So in love (video) OMD No
What is love? (video) Howard Jones No
Not enough time (video) INXS No
Sour times (video) Portishead No
Teardrop Massive Attack Yes
Unicorn Bel Canto No
Innocente Delerium No
Hideaway (video) Kiesza No
Ugly boy (video) Die Antwoord No
Carousel (video) Love, esctacy and terror No
Gooey (video) Glass Animals No
Marble house (video) The Knife No
Sanctified Nine Inch Nails No
Invisible sun The Police No
3/9/2019 Fair weather ahead INXS No
The shining path Shriekback No
Everybody wants to go to heaven Love and Rockets No
Full moon The Black Ghosts No
If I know you The Presets No
The Alternative IAMX No
Grey metal wings The Frozen Autumn No
The painful regret Pride and Fall No
Alchemy The Parallel Project No
In between and above it all Machinista No
Run to you (some call it love) Beyond Obsession No
A moment with you Ien Oblique No
Time after midnight Boytronic No
Oblivion Ash Code No
Broken promises for broken hearts She wants revenge No
Deadzone Ladytron No
Difficult to kill Torul No
Gun (video) CHVRCHES No
Zerox machine (video) Client No
Restless (video) New Order No
Useless (video) Depeche Mode No
The walk (video) The Cure No
The queen is dead (video) The Smiths Yes
Perfect Drug (Aphrodite mix) (Video) Nine Inch Nails Yes
Megalomaniac KMFDM No
This is my rifle Combichrist No
Dead inside (Shiv-R remix) Grendel No
Love as blood Icon of Coil No
Salt the earth Assemblage 23 No
When is the future (video) VNV Nation No
I believe Beborn Beton No
Get you closer And One No
You walk away (video) Blutengel No
Dark heart of me (original mix) Machinista No
Taste of Euphoria Anders Manga Yes
Capitalism TM (we own you) Rotersand No
Born to lie (video) Mesh Yes
Illisit (video) Skinny Puppy No
Stigmata (video) Ministry No
Join in the chant (Gold!) Nitzer Ebb No
Headhunter Front 242 No
Dominion / Mother Russia Sisters of Mercy No
I feel you (video) Depeche Mode No
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