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Total Records: 1505 
Date Song Artists Request?
5/19/2019 Hooked (Radical Alt.vocal) Seabound No
Annie would I lie to you (T.O.Y. mix) Iris No
Higher ground (Seeds of Utopia II) Code 64 No
Holding on Empathy Test No
Boys of summer Zynic No
Thorns Wumpscut No
Keep on dreaming Delerium No
Picnic on the moon Bel Canto No
The sinner in me Depeche Mode No
Sanctified Nine Inch Nails No
5/18/2019 Metro Deepsky No
Ghosts Dirty Vegas No
Neuromantic Interface No
Voyager 304 Juno Reactor No
Entwined Null Device No
Omniscient Pride and Fall No
The Promise (club mix) Seabound No
Evol love (club mix) State of Union No
Hellraiser (Agonize remix) Suicide Commando No
Still believe (Aesthetische mix) Diffuzion No
Wapenrustning (New school mix) Elm No
Shiver (AESTHETISCHE cold mix) Star Industry No
Stormchaser (Avarice in Audio mix) Entrzelle No
Salt the earth Assemblage 23 No
We want revolution Covenant No
I believe (alternate version) Beborn Beton No
Wonders VNV Nation Yes
Dark heart of me (original mix) Machinista No
A moment with you Ien Oblique No
Progenitor Code 64 No
Until the end of the world (video) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Why don't you hate me Neuroticfish No
Beautiful pain Beyond Obsession No
You didn't want me Mesh Yes
Walking in my shoes (video) Depeche Mode No
Regret (video) New Order No
Friday I'm in love (video) The Cure No
The great commandment (video) Camouflage No
A day (video) Clan of Xymox No
In a flat field Bauhaus No
Drama Ash Code No
Never enough (video) Aesthetic Perfection Yes
Timelessness (video) Mind in a box No
Saviour of love (video) Torul No
Berlin Aesthetische No
Everyday is Halloween Ministry No
I sit on acid Lords of Acid No
Do ya think I'm sexy? (video) Revolting Cocks No
Temple of love (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Wish (video) Nine Inch Nails No
Pong (video) Eisenfunk Yes
Radioakktivity (video) C-Lekktor No
All pain is gone Combichrist No
Vampire Studio-X No
Blood is pumping Voodoo and Serano No
Dark and long (Dark train mix) Underworld No
We come 1 (video) Faithless No
Skullfuck (DJ NoirTech video version) Modulate No
Baby's on fire (video) Die Antwoord No
Professional Griefers ft. Gerard Way (video) Deadmau5 No
Busy child The Crystal Method No
Breathe (video) The Prodigy No
Reptile (video) The Church No
Head on (video) The Jesus and Mary Chain No
The perfect kiss (video) New Order No
Lovesong (video) The Cure No
Kiss them for me (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
The last one standing Ladytron No
Hideaway (video) Kiesza No
Someone great (video) LCD Soundsystem No
Electropulse Fairlight Children No
Dark Angel VNV Nation No
Bravery Assemblage 23 No
She cried (video) Beborn Beton No
Every day Minerve No
Surface (video) Imperative Reaction Yes
Dead Enough for life Icon of Coil No
5/11/2019 Answers Namnambulu No
Life is an illusion Minerve No
Last day on earth (video) Beborn Beton No
Love will find a way (video) De/Vision No
Friends like these (video) Mesh No
Spark Assemblage 23 No
Tomorrow never comes VNV Nation No
Judge of my domain Covenant No
Dry your eyes (video) Ash Code No
Katarsis (video) She Past Away No
Your touch The Frozen Autumn No
Bird of Prey Helix No
Dead end Zynic No
Stasis (Seeds of Utopia I) Code 64 No
Phenom (club mix) Iris No
Mimic Monofader No
Synchronize (video) Mind in a box No
So much love (video) Depeche Mode No
Crystal (video) New Order No
Lucretia my reflection Sisters of Mercy No
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