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Total Records: 887 
Date Song Artists Request?
3/23/2019 Dirty creature Split Enz No
At midnight The Mighty Lemon Drops No
Shine on The House of Love No
Already yesterday The Church No
Romeos (video) Alphaville No
That smiling face Camouflage No
Leave in silence Depeche Mode No
Still smiling (Fortran 5 mix) I start counting No
We are industry (12' extended mix) Empire State Human No
Red Dawn (Virtual Server mix) Michigan No
Technology Synthetik FM No
You've changed Ladytron No
Belirdi Gece (Musallat) She Past Away No
Oblivion Ash Code No
Your touch The Frozen Autumn No
She cried (video) Beborn Beton No
Gothic paradise Rotersand No
I don't believe Chrom No
Precipice VNV Nation No
Regret Icon of Coil No
Unicorn (TOY mix) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Opened Assemblage 23 No
Lightbringer (feat. Necro Facility) Covenant Yes
Sparrows and Nightingales Wolfsheim No
Enjoy the silence (video) Depeche Mode No
Bizarre love triangle (video) New Order No
Don't change (video) INXS No
Talk talk (video) Talk Talk No
Whisper to a scream (birds fly) (video) Icicle Works No
Years later (video) Cactus World News No
Swamp Thing Chameleons UK No
Tower of strength Mission UK Yes
Evelyn Xymox (Clan of) Yes
Just like heaven (video) The Cure No
We're in this together (video) Nine Inch Nails No
N.W.O.(video) Ministry Yes
Smack my bitch up The Prodigy No
Sex on wheelz (video) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult No
Juke joint Jezebel KMFDM No
Murderous (video) Nitzer Ebb No
Rough sex Lords of Acid Yes
Worlocked Skinny Puppy No
Stardust (video) IAMX Yes
Take the world (video) She wants revenge Yes
All of this and nothing (video) Dave Gahan No
Blue Monday '88 (video) New Order Yes
Chorus (video) Erasure No
Domino dancing (video) Pet Shop Boys No
All she wants is Duran Duran No
Dominion / Mother Russia Sisters of Mercy Yes
Living on the ceiling (video) Blancmange Yes
Destroy everything you touch (video) Ladytron Yes
Bulletproof (video) La Roux No
My delirium (video) Ladyhawke No
Hideaway (video) Kiesza No
Bugatti (video) Tiga Yes
Professional Distortion (video) Miss Kitten & The Hacker No
Tear you apart (video) She wants revenge Yes
Ghosts n stuff (video) Deadmau5 No
Voyager 304 Juno Reactor No
Dark and long (Dark train mix) Underworld No
Train in vain The Clash No
Rebel rebel David Bowie Yes
20th Century boy T Rex Yes
Love will tear us apart Joy Division No
Pretty when you cry (video) Vast Yes
#1 Crush Garbage No
All mine (video) Portishead No
The thief of your heart Sinead O'Connor No
Days turn into nights (video) Delerium No
Principles of lust (video) Enigma No
Shimmering, warm and bright Bel Canto No
Mercy in you Depeche Mode Yes
Prayers for rain The Cure No
3/16/2019 This is the picture (excellent birds) Peter Gabriel No
Lotus Liquid Divine No
Heat (Flammable mix) Blue October No
You don't deserve my love (ext. mix) Rename No
Tanz 3 - danse mecanique Elektroklange No
The Passenger (video) Metroland No
Bendy bass VCMG No
(Remote) control (Implant remix) Plastic Noise Experience No
Control (w/ Sebastian R Komor) XP8 No
Shiver (AESTHETISCHE cold mix) Star Industry No
Hey you Rotersand No
Everything Seabound No
Synchronize (video) Mind in a box No
Far too frail Skinny Puppy No
Heresy Nine Inch Nails Yes
Breathe (video) The Prodigy Yes
Lusid Ohgr No
Anarchy KMFDM No
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan Yes
Oh cruel darkness embrace me (video) IAMX No
Chrome VNV Nation Yes
We want revolution Covenant No
Until the end of the world Apoptygma Berzerk No
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