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Total Records: 2219 
Date Song Artists Request?
8/10/2019 Spreading Silence Perfidious Words No
Pieces of me Radioaktivists No
For another day Seabound No
The violence in me Pride and Fall No
Fade to black Apoptygma Berzerk No
Night and day (Arena mix) Informatik No
Control Cryo No
Shiver (AESTHETISCHE cold mix) Star Industry No
Wapenrustning (New school mix) Elm No
Believe (matrix remix) Technoir No
The dark inside her eyes Llumen No
Berlin Aesthetische No
Stripdown Agent Side Grinder No
Dry your eyes (video) Ash Code No
The source (video) Void Vision No
Volatile times (video) IAMX No
Deadzone Ladytron No
Rituel She Past Away No
Detonation Boulevard Sisters of Mercy No
Age of consent New Order Yes
Obsession (video) Xymox (Clan of) No
World in my eyes (video) Depeche Mode No
A forest (video) The Cure No
Shadowplay Joy Division No
Broken promises for broken hearts She wants revenge No
Bridge The Rope No
Years later (video) Cactus World News No
Sin Nine Inch Nails No
Assimilate Skinny Puppy No
Until death (us do part) Front 242 No
Fun to be had (long mix) Nitzer Ebb No
Psyche out Meat Beat Manifesto No
N.W.O.(video) Ministry Yes
Dragula (video) Rob Zombie No
Du hast (video) Rammstein Yes
Heart shaped glasses (video) Marilyn Manson No
My name is ruin (video) Gary Numan No
Oh cruel darkness embrace me (video) IAMX No
Sulk (video) Trust No
The hunter (video) Marnie No
Swimmers can drown (video) I:Scintilla Yes
Waiting to be born (rework) Rotersand No
Genesis (Icon of Coil version) VNV Nation No
Until the end of the world Apoptygma Berzerk No
Dead stars Covenant No
Behaviour Neuroticfish No
I believe (Babymax remix) Beborn Beton No
Timelessness (video) Mind in a box No
Stiff Kittens Blaqk Audio No
I feel you (video) Depeche Mode No
Spellbound (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
Primary (video) The Cure No
The queen is dead (video) The Smiths No
Shellshock (video) New Order No
Situation Yaz No
Always on my mind / In my house Pet Shop Boys No
Love to hate you (video) Erasure No
Smack my bitch up The Prodigy Yes
The sky is blue the sky is black Juno Reactor No
Busy child The Crystal Method No
Always loved a film Underworld No
Conjure Balearia Maceo Plex No
Buran Patenbrigade:Wolff No
Lust Red Cell No
State of perfection (Titans remix) Biomekkanik No
Dark heart of me (original mix) Machinista No
Oblivion (video) Ash Code No
LA (video) Boy Harsher No
Marble house (video) The Knife No
Incantation Delerium No
Summer Bel Canto No
8/3/2019 The reptiles and I Shriekback No
Last call for liquid courage Recoil No
Sweet bird of truth The The No
Way of the world (video) Max Q No
Helter skelter Meat Beat Manifesto No
Armed forces (video) Manufacture No
Circling Overland Front 242 No
Lusid Ohgr No
The noise inside my head Assemblage 23 No
Like tears in rain Covenant No
Waving hands Neuroticfish No
Find you're gone (video) Wolfsheim No
Kathy's Song (come lie next to me) Apoptygma Berzerk No
Get you closer And One No
Strangelove (video) Depeche Mode No
The great commandment (video) Camouflage No
Russian Radio Red Flag No
Dominion / Mother Russia (video) Sisters of Mercy No
Cities in dust (video) Siouxsie and the Banshees No
Ball of confusion (video) Love and Rockets No
Suicide blonde (video) INXS No
True Faith (video) New Order No
A little respect (video) Erasure No
Lips like sugar (video) Echo and the Bunnymen No
In between days (video) The Cure No
Go! Tones on Tail No
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