Electraphonic - Synth-pop and EBM

This is a mixed set of music that is a combination of synth-pop, EBM,  industrial and trance

Track list:

  1. Opened - Assemblage 23

  2. Every second - Neuropa

  3. In-flight (Delobbo mix) - Cosmicity

  4. Drifting sideways (T.O.Y.toburger mix) - De/Vision

  5. No atmosphere - Syrian

  6. Emptiness your loneliness (Echo Image mix) - Sweep

  7. Annie would I lie to you (y1.99k ext.) - Iris

  8. Tears (Apop mix) - The Cruxshadows

  9. Approaching lightspeed - Wolfsheim

  10. Heart with a view (Echo Image mix) - The Echoing Green

  11. Kathy's song (Green Court mix) - Apoptygma Berzerk

  12. Send me an angel - Mythos n DJ Cosmos (was labeled wrong)

  13. Undertow (Dead Star mix by Icon of Coil) - Count to Infinity

  14. Legion - VNV Nation

  15. December - Pride and Fall

  16. Invisible and Silent - Covenant

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A short mix set of some classic Vertex songs


Below is a collection of video sets I've done

EBM set

Entwined - Null Device
Smoke - Assemblage 23
Precipice - VNV Nation
Broken - Cesium 137

80's set

Don't you want me - Human League
Send me an angel - Real life
Fade to gray - Visage
Video killed the radio star - The Buggles
Take on me - A-ha

Techno Disco

Satisfaction - Benny Benassi
Living on Video - Pakito
Destination Calabria - Alex Guadino
Hear my name - Armand VanHelden
The Creeps - Camille Jones vs Fedde LeGrand
From Paris to Berlin - Infernal

This one's from the ladies

The Ting Tings Great DJ
Ladytron Evil
Freeform 5 No more conversations
Goldfrapp Satin Chic
Foretaste Dying for the first time
Freezepop Frontload

Journey to the center of your soul

Ulrich Schnauss - Einfeld
Underworld - Dirty Epic (Dirty Guitar mix)
Fluke - Kitten Moon

Here's a promo video I made for a Freezepop show

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